Saturday, July 13, 2013

rag doll and a little tote

I made this doll using the Ashely's tutorial from Make It and Love It. I love how this pretty little doll turned out, but to be honest I had so many issues getting her together that I don't think doll making is for me. I can never seem to get the arms and legs even... and the head always looks wonky. But I stuck with it and after hours of frustration I had this pretty little doll! (The tutorial is amazing, it's me who stinks lol)

I made a very simple tote bag to go with the doll and filled it up with some extra goodies for the birthday girl. I am glad that I got this out of my system, I won't be making another doll for a while!


Amy @ chick chick sewing said...

What a sweet rag doll that is!!! I'm in love! Thanks for sharing your charming creation^^

Jennifer said...

Your hard work paid came out great!


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