Saturday, July 13, 2013

craft fair

I did another craft fair a couple of months ago! It was so chilly and my signs kept blowing down yet I managed to be pretty successful. I sold all my bows, people loved the bows. I was in target the next day and I saw a little girl wearing one of MY bows! It really made my day!

My table is way to cluttered, I should have had a shelf with me. I'm learning as I go along.

I'm hoping to do a bunch of fairs when the fall comes. It's fun when you actually are at the fair... getting the inventory together is hard work and the night before is always a little stressing. I start to worry that everyone will hate my stuff, or I will make a fool of myself.  Does anyone have any tips for a better display? I know I need shelves and to make things more eye level... but I am stumped on ideas. Everything I think of just seems to bulky.


Catskill Quilter said...

You can make "stairs" for your table, and cover them with the same color cloth as the table itself. You need some boxes - even shoeboxes will do for narrow "stairs." The bottom stair will be one layer of narrow boxes, the next will be two layers, and so on. After you cover the boxes with draped cloth, you have a series of steps to display on. You can lay down the items, or stand them up to lean on the next stair. (I used to use this idea for pillows, which were hard to display in a way that you could see all of them.) If there is any way to use the boxes (totes?) to carry your items to the show, and then empty them to use as stairs, that would cut down on the bulkiness when packing your car for the show. Another option is to break down the boxes for the car, and put them back together with packing tape when you do your set up for the show. I hope this is helpful!

Amy @ chick chick sewing said...

Love your booth! Congrats to you on the success at the craft fair! It must be the moment of your life to find a girl wearing your handmade bow at a local store!!

Jennifer said...

Your set up looks great! And as you said, it is a learning process and you will figure it out as you go. Where was that fair?? I will have to come and see you next! I am still on the fence about doing is a lot of work for sure!


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