Thursday, May 23, 2013

circle skirt baby gift

I am a terrible blogger, I haven't posted in 2 months! Life has been hectic, and I haven't been sewing as much as usual. I did a craft fair a few weeks ago and still have a ton of inventory to add to my shop!

I having been itching for a reason to make MADE's circle skirt for a while now and finally got the chance a few days ago! It was such a quick sew I made 2! And then I made a matching applique onesie to complete the outfit.

The "necklace" is just some tiny yellow rickrack sewn on and an applique patch on top. I added a little S for the special baby girl receiving the gift.

I can't believe it's Memorial day weekend already! 
My boys are almost out of school for the summer and we are busy trying to find a pool club to join so we don't spend too much time hanging around the house!

Have a great holiday weekend!


Amy Morinaka said...

What a sweet and girly out fit this is! Just by imagining a little girl in those pretty circle skirts makes me smile :)

Jennifer said...

How cute!! Looks like we have all been slacking on our! How did the craft fair go??


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