Thursday, August 26, 2010

crayons & velcro

I made this for my 3 year old the other night using JCasa's pattern.
It took me under an hour to make and my 3 year old is loving it!

I also got a sweeeeet surprise in the mail the other day!

I won a box full of velcro loot from Merriment Design
Her blog is absolutely awesome by the way.
My next projects are the Velcro Blanket and the Chalkboard Pillows.
THANK  YOU Merriment Design!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

chalkboard canvas & chalk pocket

I have seen the chalk board canvases floating around the blogosphere for a while now and I have been itching to make one for my boys. I finally got a few free hours last week and took a trip to Michael's to gather up my supplies. I had a lot of fun making this and my boys LOVE it! They haven't stopped drawing on it since I hung it up. 

The chalkboard canvas was EASY! Just spray 2 coats of the chalkboard paint onto the canvas and let dry completely. I hung mine up with the Velcro Command Strips. LOVE them. After picking up teeny tiny pieces of chalk I decided we needed a spot to stash it. So I made a very simple little wall pocket to put all the chalk in. This was also really simple:

(all seam allowances are 1/2 inch unless noted)

1. Cute 4 pieces of fabric (2 outer, 2 lining) 8 inches high by 7 inches long. Iron if needed.

2. With right sides of fabric together sew along three sides leaving the top open. 
repeat for the lining, only leaving a 2 inch space on bottom for turning.

3.  Lay each corner flat and measure 1 inch in. (Please refer to photo, I am having brain farts while I write this and clearly need to word this better) Sew across. Do this for the outer bag and the lining.

(If you are not lazy (I was too lazy) you should iron the seams, I did not. oops)

4. Place outer bag inside lining right sides together. Pin and sew along the top.

5. Turn your bag and sew the lining shut. I was lazy and just machine stitched it closed.
Then push the lining inside and top stitch around the edge as close as you would like.

6. Realize you need to hang the silly thing up and go raid your supply closet. Find your eyelets (or grommets... ) and apply. I used eyelets(one placed right in the middle of the bag), see photos! 

7. Admire your handy work and get one of those nifty little command hooks. Apply the hook to your wall and hang your pocket on it. Instant chalk station! AND when you get sick of it you can take it down without ruining your walls! yay!

My boys have been playing with this every day! They both really enjoy it. It was such a simple fun project,  I love making things for my little guys!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

yo-yo head band

This was a super simple project!
I made 3 yo-yo's and made a covered button to sew into the middle.
I hot glued the 3 yo-yo's to a piece of felt and then glued it onto a skinny headband.
It's very cute and I think it would be perfect for a little girl.
(I also like it for me!)

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

my first REAL quilt

I made this for a very dear friend who is having a baby girl at the end of October.
I wanted to give her something that wasn't pink and frilly since it's not really her style. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric. It's Moda's Frolic line. My local (and ONLY) quilt shop carries this line. I am so pleased with how this quilt came out, I have been showing anyone who will look at it! This was also my first time free motion quilting. It was a real pain in the arse. The tread tension kept getting messed up, I would either go too slow or too fast. I had to rip out A LOT before I finally got the hang of it. 
originally I was going to go for a simple patchwork quilt and at the last minute I decided to try a disapearing 9 patch. I used a binding tutorial from The Diary of a Quilter (what a great blog!)

I can't wait to make another!

Monday, August 9, 2010

scrappy hero cape

I made this for my niece today. Everything came out of my scrap bin, so I was extra pleased with it!
My boys have super hero capes that they love playing with, and when my niece saw them she had to have one! She designed this all by herself, I just sewed it up for her... I tried to talk her into some colors that matched a little better, but I didn't want to be a dud! She loved it and that is all that matters!

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

scrap failure .. but I have a new bag... yay!

 I tried to make Little T a shirt. 
I really wasn't in the mood, I killed it. 
I can usually applique pretty well.

On the bright side I made this. 
(I originally saw the bag on Noodlheads.)
It was REALLY EASY to sew, and I am loving it.
I was not really sure about the fabric, but now that it's all done I like it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

my personal scrap challenge

Here is my scrap box.
I have nowhere to store this box so write now it's sits under our computer/sewing desk. 
For the next month I am going to work on  clearing out a lot of scraps because every time I start a new project I have new scraps and right now my box is overflowing! I am going to try to get some Christmas crafting done from this box as well as some other odds and ends.
Does anyone have any great ideas for cute scrappy projects?
I will post a picture of everything I make... so hopefully that pushes me to use up as many scraps as I can!!

I am also participating in Creating My Way To Successes A Round Tuit


Monday, August 2, 2010

backpack for nursery school!

My baby starts nursery school in September. I am excited (especially right this minute because he's driving me BATTY!) and very sad. My baby is so big! I couldn't send him to nursery school without his very own handmade by momma backpack. I went nuts looking for a cute pattern. I found this one on You Can Make This. It's the Preschool Backpack. It only took me a few hours to make from start to finish. (and I totally copied her boy version of the backpack, I LOVED the fabric!) My only issue was that some of the directions where a smidge confusing, but it's probably because I am still learning to follow patterns.

I am really pleased with how this turned out!

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